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Aims & Objectives

Main aims of the project are design and develop training programmes and methodologies for CSO workers/volunteers, VET learners on Community Media skills that include:

  1. Media Literacy and Environment
    eg: Relations with mass media, media landscape scanning and identification, handling a media crisis, audience awareness, feedback, accessing public information.

  2. Social Media: Use and Strategies
    eg: Social media campaign strategies, tools, Guerilla marketing, viral content, public’s online participation.

  3. Technical skills
    eg: handling of A/V equipment, A/V recording, capturing, digital photography.

  4. Communications
    eg: online newsletter creation, poster/leaflet design, public presentations and events.

  5. ICT and Online tools
    eg: audio/visual editing software, use of Open Source software, Image editing


Concrete objectives of the partnership are:

  • Development of training programmes and methodologies that include the above mentioned themes. Programmes that will train CSO workers/volunteers not just on a theoretical level but also on hands-on acquisition of skills (a constructivist and participatory approach in training).

  • Creation of a European multidisciplinary training program to provide Community Media skills to NGOs into a media-empowered Civil Society.

  • Study and evaluation of Community Media practices in partner countries will be carried out and information on good practices will be exchanged where appropriate.

  • Creation of local networking with regard to Community Media Training amongst CSOs, educators, public authorities and private sector organizations.

  • Comparing different approaches in encouraging young workers/volunteers with regard to engagement in Community-driven Media.

  • Establishing a multilingual best practice database in regards to Community Media, exemplar CSOs campaigns and active CSO media/communication placements for young volunteers.

  • Creation of training modules package for trainers.

  • Strengthen the skills of CSOs workers and volunteers in order to enhance the future training of CSOs in areas such as e-citizenship, participation in decision-making process, public consultations, reaching opportunities and change management.

  • Developing a method for cooperation between Community Media organizations and CSOs to create possibilities for exchange of know-how and cooperation.

  • Establishment of e-database through the collection of documents on EU media literacy, training and campaign strategies for CSOs and Community media actors.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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