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Community Media by Country

Community Media Organisations around the world:

3WE - the Third World and Environment Broadcasting Project — a coalition of the UK’s leading international development, environment and human rights charities, whihc works for better broadcasting on developing countries. 
Adbusters Media Foundation (Canada) 
Alliance for Community Media (USA)
AMARC World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters 
APTN Aborginal Peoples Television Network (Canada) 
Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio & Communication (BNNRC) 
Benton Foundation promotes public interest values and noncommercial services  through research and policy analysis, outreach to nonprofits and foundations, and print, video and online publishing. 
Center for Democratic Communications of the National Lawyers Guild - Legal information about the Lowpower FM movement 
Center for Public Integrity - a nonprofit organization dedicated to producing original, responsible investigative journalism on issues of public concern
CIMA - Center for International Media Action for activists and educators concerned with media justice, media reform and communication rights 
Community Broadcasting Ass. of Australia Community Media Association (U.K.) 
Community Media Forum Europe to strengthen the participation of the Third Media Sector in European discussion and decision-making processes 
Community Media Network Ireland facilitates those using different media to support progressive development and social justice 
Near 90fm is a communally owned not-for-profit radio project connecting people active in Community Media Research, Teaching, Policy and Practice across Europe

CRAOL is the community radio forum of Ireland
Deep Dish TV Network New York 
DN! Democracy Now A daily news program pioneering 
the largest community media collaboration in the U.S.
Dublin Community Television
Downtown Community TV Center NewYork
FAIR -Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (USA) - a  national media watch group
Fomacs The Forum on Migration and Communications (FOMACS) is a collaborative public media project, producing film, photographic, digital storytelling, radio, animation and print stories on the topic of immigration and integration in Ireland
Free Speech TV Programming service for activist, community-based alternative media 
Freedom Archives (USA) historical hot audio materials 
Freedom of Expression Network (USA)
GATV Institure (USA) mission is to promote Government Access Television to city communities
IFEX - International Freedom of Expression eXchange a network of non-profit watchdogs who monitor press freedom around the world 
Independent Media Center - INDYMEDIA is a grassroots organization 
committed to using media production and distribution as a tool for promoting social and economic justice 
Institute of Local Television & Television Trust for Scotland(UK) 
International Community TV and Video Exchange International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF)
Link TV Television Without Borders
Media Access Project a non-profit, public interest law firm 
Media Alliance an advocacy and service organization in New York 
Media Awareness Network (Canada) 
MediaChannel - a not-for-profit project - 
" as the media watch the world, we watch the media" 
Media Working Group (USA) a non-profit media production, education, research and development organization 
Media Tracker The Center for Public Integrity's popular Web-based guide to ownership of broadcasters (USA) 
Northern Visions (Northern Ireland) media centre in Belfast offering training, access and video production 
OLON - Organisation for Local Radio & TV in the Netherlands 
Open Channels for Europe
OURMedia Academics, media practitioners, activists, and policy experts involved in grassroots, community-based, alternative, citizens' media in local, national and international policy arenas. 
Paper Tiger Television New York 
Phillips Community Television Minneapolis - Media From a Youth Perspective 
Public Access Awareness Association (USA) 
Public Access (USA)
Reclaim the Media a grassroots media organization 
The Coalition advancing public, educational and governmental access channels for local use. 
Television Trust for the Environment (TVE) An information exchange promoting the development of community broadcasting in the UK
Undercurrents (UK) a non-profit making video production company 
UnCommon Sense TV Media A forum committed to working to renew a truly democratic republic through the use of independent and citizen-supported media
Whispered Media (USA) a video activist collective 

European community media links, by country:

Austria: Verband Freier Radios ÖsterreichFreier Rundfunk Freistadt, Freistadt 
Denmark: DILEM-Danske Idebaseredé Lokale Elektroniske Medier > Sammenslutningen af lokale radio- og TV-stationer i Danmark (SLRTV), Global Media Aarhus ( Indvandrer TV & Radio Bazar ) 
Finland: Finnish Community Radio Association (FCRA)
> Förbundet Finlandssvenksk Lokal-TV (Finland Swedish Local TV Association) 
Germany: Bundesverband Offene Kanäle (Federation of Open Channels)Radio Corax, Halle > Radio Z, Nuremberg 
Hungary: Szabad Rádiók Magyarországi Szervezetét (Hungarian Federation of Free Radios) 
Ireland: Community Radio Forum of Ireland (CRAOL)NEAR Media Co-op, Dublin
Italy: RadUni (University Radio Network) 
The Netherlands: OLON-Organisatie van Lokale Omroepen in Nederland 
Norway: Foreningen Frikanalen
Slovenia: Studio 12, Ljubljana

Spain: Associació d’amics de Ràdio Televisió Cardedeu (RTVC) > Tele K - Fedekas
Sweden: NRO - Närradion Riksorganisation (Community Radio) > Riksförbundet Öppna Kanaler Sverige (Community TV)Göteborgs Närradioförening (Gothenburg Community Radio), Göteborg
Switzerland: UNIKOM 
United Kingdom: Community Media Association  

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